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computer-aided Judaica

Calligraphy is a longstanding tradition in Jewish art—largely because of the Biblical injunction against making "graven images," which has been construed as any kind of representational or figurative artwork, so Jewish artisans got creative in using what they were allowed to use: letters and words.

I began learning calligraphy (in English) at the age of 10. My formal training in the Jewish scribal arts includes a short course of study with Rabbi Yosef Resnick, Sofer STaM, in 2005. I have also done extensive independent study on the glories and mysteries of the Hebrew alphabet.

So why "Computer-Aided Judaica"? I have been a graphic design professional since 1994 — and the longer I work in graphic design on the computer, the more inspired I get to play with its potential. I have perfect control over all the elements on the page, and don't have to worry about executing the letterforms by hand. So for me, there's no going back! The pieces shown here were created in Adobe InDesign (and, earlier, PageMaker 6.5).

Online Inquiry Form I mostly do Judaica because that's what's closest to my heart. However, I am also available for other commissions. If you're interested in a custom piece, please e-mail me to inquire, or fill out my online inquiry form.

I also make and sell 1" buttons with Jewish themes.

Thanks for your interest in my work. — Erica Schultz Yakovetz

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