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frequently asked questions

Online Inquiry Form

Reasonable Rates

My basic hourly rate is $75, plus any output costs. Small jobs (such as a single announcement card or very simple ketubah) might take only an hour. Per-project rates are negotiable based on size and complexity; we can tailor a project to fit almost any budget.

For a preliminary estimate, please submit a project inquiry online, or feel free to e-mail me with the details of your project.

Quick Turnaround

Most projects can be completed in less than two months — some in less than two weeks.

Hand-Lettered Calligraphy

Although I specialize in electronic typesetting and graphic design, I also do calligraphy by hand. See my page on hand work for more information.

The Custom Design Process

Starting Off: When you contact me about a custom design project, the first few key things we need to figure out are:

  • Timeframe: For a ketubah, when is the wedding? For invitations, when do you need to mail them?
  • Printing: How will we print the final materials? You may want to take the final files to a commercial printer, but with the ever-growing range of specialty papers commercially available, I can handle many short-run color inkjet printing needs right in my studio.
  • Overall style (elegant? modern? natural?) and typeface preferences
  • Color palette
  • Artwork suggestions: My job is easiest if you have something specific in mind to incorporate, so we can use it as a starting point, but if you don't, we can brainstorm together.
  • Dimensions and (especially on invitations) paper preferences for all components. If you're planning to use a commercial printer -- e.g., your local quickprint or copy shop -- it is often best to visit them first to get an idea of their available paper selection and recommended sizes. If I'm printing the components, I can consult with you to find the perfect paper options for the look you want.
All of these questions are covered in the Design Project Online Inquiry Form. Fill it out and let's get started! I will respond to you by the next business day.

Next Steps: After our initial discussion, your next task is to decide on the exact wording for any and all components. (For invitations, this includes any supplemental pieces such as reception enclosures and response cards. For a ketubah, if you are writing your own custom English text and want it also to appear in Hebrew, your rabbi is the best starting point.) In most cases, I can begin the design mockup while you're finalizing your text. Your final text, and any images you supply, should ideally be sent to me via e-mail.

Drafts and Revisions: Generally, we'll do the preliminary discussion over e-mail or phone, and I will e-mail proofs to you in PDF format. (For hand-lettering jobs, I generally mock up the layout on the computer as a first step, so you still get to review a PDF proof.) Alternatively, if you live in the greater Chicago area, we can meet in person to go over ideas or drafts. Then we see what you like and don't like, and make refinements from there. My goal is to hear you say, "Perfect! I love it!"

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