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Finished size (unframed):
11"x14" vertical

Digitally printed on 100lb white text stock.

What is the good path?

Pirkei Avot, the "Ethics of the Fathers", is a section of the Mishna that is chock-full of pithy ethical and moral statements from our Talmud-era Sages. In this passage (Pirkei Avot 2:10,13), Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai teaches his five disciples that having "a good heart" comprises a multitude of lesser virtues.

This piece was originally commissioned in 2001 as a gift for Rabbi Myrna Matsa.

To Order:
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Unframed: $25.00

11"x14" clip frame: $45.00

11"x14" beechwood frame: $60.00

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