Sonnet #14: Hopefulness

(translation of Sonnet No. 9: L'Espoir)

And suddenly, I notice you are near,
But dare not question whether you saw me;
Why must you else so quickly disappear?
I linger, trembling with my unheard plea.
When you inquire, I will but imply
My pain, for I would not too near reveal
That you had caused it... That will bye-and-bye
Be known to you, for I shall not conceal
This secret evermore within my heart.
For if you someday kiss me once again,
And give a fine display of lover's art,
I will confess. No matter—had you seen
My eyes, I know, and what they whispered of,
You would have been the one to fall in love.

January 27, 1988

Copyright ©1988, 1999 by Erica Schultz Yakovetz. All rights reserved.
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